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About Me

The only difference between you and me is that I've been in the Space longer...                                                                                                                                                                         

Trekk: Crypto Resource Officer

Trekk is the CRO of Trekk Smart Consulting LLC, where he provides beginner to advance education, real-world application, and business solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As someone who lives in the Space, Trekk delivers content in context to individuals, small business, and large enterprises by way of writing articles, public speaking, and private consultations.
Trekk is an awarded combat veteran of the Army National Guard. In 2014 he began working in the defense industry, leading him to work with Lockheed Martin and CACI supporting electronic warfare platforms. Trekk has been in the Crypto Space since 2012 starting as a HODLer (crypto vernacular meaning long terminvestor). He eventually expanded his perspective of the underlying technology seeing beyond the single-use case of Crypto-as-Currency gaining a broader understanding of Blockchain Solutions for small businesses and large enterprise.
Over the years Trekk’s passion and understanding of the Space has deepened and expanded. In 2018 Trekk Smart Consulting LLC was formed because he saw the need for educating people on the coming paradigm shift. He understands blockchain technology is creating new business models and disrupting the landscape of various industries. Trekk sees a new technological and cultural archetype shift happening. Trekk writes short articles on Medium and gives speeches sharing his observations, growing aspirations, experiences of living in the Crypto Space, and concerns of the evolving community and bigger Space.

What I Do

Provide Solutions To Barriers of Entry


Blockchain Based Startups
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Crypto Education

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